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Giving Thanks for Booze: Thanksgiving Cocktails


Let’s level, readers: What the hell are you thankful for? No, you can’t answer with vodka — though that certainly is an understandable answer. It’s okay, I’ll give you some time to think about it. Do think about it, though. You’ll need an answer when someone inevitably asks you this week. Or don’t worry about it if you’re not reading this in the United States. In the meantime, let’s look at some drinks! Thanksgiving will be tomorrow when I actually post this, and that means soon all of you will be talking to relatives that you probably don’t like too much. Well, why not make it all a better experience with alcohol? Or, maybe you do like your relatives, and you just…
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Twenty Things Worth Knowing About Booze

After last week, I thought I’d take a break on all the drinking. Eight Martinis is quite enough alcohol for the week. Instead, I thought I’d take this week to write a nice little post full of twenty different things worth knowing about alcohol. If you’re an average person and not a bartender or cocktail connoisseur, some of these might be new information to you. Or, maybe you’re just that awesome and you know them all. It’s not like any of this is secret information. So, read on, and maybe you’ll learn something. Or maybe you won’t, and you’ll stop reading this blog because it’s no fun anymore (damn, it only took two months for that to happen). But don’t…
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Shaken AND Stirred: The Martini


Well, ladies and gentlemen, here we are. It’s been a week since the massive disappointment that was Bloody Marys, which left me gagging and barely-buzzed. I don’t think that will be a problem this week. Why? Because Skyfall comes out (in the United States) this week, and in honor of the ever-resourceful agent James Bond, we’re drinking Martinis at Six Drinks Too Many. And that means I’m getting wasted tonight. In case you missed my rambling before Halloween, I love Martinis. It’s the king of drinks and the symbol of cocktails for a reason. There’s nothing quite like a well-made Martini, and even though it might be hard to develop a taste for such a potent and liquor-y drink, I…
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How Long Must We Drink This Drink? Mary, Bloody Marys


Let me tell you all a story. This is the story of a young boy who, for whatever reason, loved tomato juice. The two would sit together for hours on end, just enjoying the savory flavor of one another. The boy gave the tomato juice much needed attention, and the tomato juice gave the boy much needed vitamins. The pair may have very well grown old together, if not for the fact that the boy eventually moved on. He stopped liking tomato juice, and the tomato juice, like so many 30-year-old ex-wives of multimillionaires, found itself used and unwanted. The tomato juice spent its time alone for the next several years, and the boy went on to pull the tomatoes…
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Monster Mash! Halloween Drinks


Hello, all you terrifying readers and drinkers out there. It’s late October, and that means that Six Drinks Too Many, along with every other blog in cyberspace, is doing a Halloween theme. Huzzah! I’m starting to see Santa in stores, which means I have a limited amounted of time to do this celebratory theme. You might be tired of seeing pumpkin-flavored bisque and various monsters on candy packages, but once elves are on those packages for the next five months, you’ll be missing the reign of a good old-fashioned pagan holiday. So let’s have a Halloween hurrah! And what is a hurrah without copious amounts of booze? Horror movies are always better with some level of inebriation, anyway. Here I…
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Journey Through the Cosmos: The Cosmopolitan


Hello, cosmonauts! (Okay, I’m buzzed, and even I know that’s a terrible joke. Sorry.) This week on Six Drinks Too Many I’m exploring the fancy little pink thing known as the Cosmopolitan (hence the terrible cosmonauts thing). I’ve got eight Cosmo recipes to look at. This drink owes a lot of both its recent popularity and reputation to Sex and the City. That reputation, that’s really the kicker. This is generally regarded as the most frou-frou of the well-known frou-frou drinks, a libation only acceptable for girly girls and flaming gay men to drink. And if we’re to believe certain conventional wisdom that part of that group is going to Hell, then the Cosmopolitan should truly be avoided at all…
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From Russia with Booze: The White Russian

Milk will do this ... for a price.

Hey dudes and dudettes, and welcome to another exciting adventure with Six Drinks Too Many, even if it is a week late. I’m back and already a little buzzed, thanks to the potent little cocktail of the week, the deliciously Marxist White Russian. Actually, it didn’t really originate in Russia, and it’s probably not a hardcore enough drink for Russians, anyway. I mean, this drink does involve mixing anything at all with vodka, which means it’s probably illegal in Russia. In any case, it definitely isn’t hardcore. The White Russian is an excellent drink for someone who wants to drink something potent, but can’t quite muster up the guts to drink something too liquory like a Martini or a Manhattan….
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Screw Drive Me Crazy

Orange you glad I made this drink?

Hello, glamorous and fanatical Internetland. I come to you once again bearing tidings of many libations, this time from the glorious world of Screwdrivers. Though I love this simple mix, this could spell certain doom for me, as once I’m sober I’ll have to think of a title for the post that isn’t some dumb “screwed” pun. I hope I come up with something good. You, of course, dear reader, know what I came up with. Is it good? I hope so. I hope it delighted you with whimsical charm. Wish me retroactive luck, in any case. But back on track. As I just said, I love Screwdrivers. In fact, it was really the first cocktail that I got well-acquainted…
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Rum and Coke: Caribbean Freedom

The Midas

Hello, weary travelers, and welcome to the first post of Six Drinks Too Many, the blog where I, in the name of science and justifying the making of oh-so-many drinks, will be exploring at least six drink variations for the overall advancement of humanity. And, of course, for your amusement. Every week I’ll be looking at a single drink, ingredient, or theme, and exploring different ways to spice them up. (Sober Edit: This week I mean that literally, and quite unfortunately as it turns out.) I’ll look at variations of classic cocktails and exciting ways to make your liquor unique. I’ll make the drinks, drink them, write about them, share the recipes, and hopefully amuse you with my increasingly inebriated words. So, let’s…
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