Making Lemon Twists

So, here’s a brief how to on making lemon twists. There are multiple ways to do it, and if you want to make lemon spirals, you’ll have to use another method. But, this is the basic method.

Step One

lemon-twist1First, cut the two ends off of your lemon.

Step Two

lemon-twist2Then, insert a spoon in between the rind and the pulp to separate the two.

Step Three

lemon-twist3Make one cut down the side of the lemon to open it up.

Step Four

lemon-twist4Remove the pulp as best you can.

Step Five

lemon-twist5Spread the rind out, and cut it into strips about a quarter inch in width.


You now have lemon twists! Twist them over a drink to release their oils, and use them as a garnish.